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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CActionAggregates procedure pointers to be run simultaneously
 CAction< void >Aggregates procedure pointers to be run simultaneously
 CApiClientRetrieve informations from the Api
 CClientManage the connection to the scenes of an application
 CConfigurationUsed by a Client for initialization
 CConnectionDataConnection informations to send to the server
 CConnectionResultResult of a connection attempt
 CConnectToSceneMsgRequired parameters to connect to a scene
 CDefaultPacketDispatcherDispatch the packets to the handlers based on their id
 CEmptyDtoRepresents an empty network message
 CFileLoggerLogger which writing in a file
 CIConnectionInterface of a network connection
 CIConnectionManagerManages the network connections
 CILoggerInterface for the loggers
 CIPacketDispatcherInterface describing a message dispatcher
 CIPacketProcessorInterface describing a packet processor
 CIRequestInterface for a http request
 CIRequestModuleHandle system requests
 CIScenePeerRemote scene
 CISerializableInterface for a serializable object
 CITokenHandlerInterface for a token handler
 CITransportInterface for a network transport
 CNullLoggerInactive logger (Used by default)
 CPacketExpose a stream for reading data received from the network
 CPacketProcessorConfigContains methods to register messages handlers based on message type
 CRakNetConnectionConnection to the network using RakNet
 CRakNetTransportCore functions for communicating over the network using RakNet
 CRequestSystem request
 CRequestContextSystem request context
 CRequestModuleBuilderAllows modules to add handlers to system requests
 CRequestProcessorProcesses system requests
 CRouteRepresents a route on a scene
 CRouteDtoInformation about a scene route
 CSceneCommunicates with the server scene
 CSceneDispatcherDispatch the network messages to the right scene
 CSceneEndpointInformations to connect to a scene
 CSceneInfosDtoInformations about a remote scene
 CSceneInfosRequestDtoInformations about the requested scene
 CScenePeerRemote scene connection
 CStringFormatString format helper
 CTokenHandlerManade a token
 Cbasic_bytebufByte array buffer
 Cbasic_bytestreamByte array stream